lydia crow

  • Degree in Law, Complutense University of Madrid
  • Master Executive Coaching and Organizational Leadership Isabel I University and European Business School of Barcelona (ENEB)
  • Specialist in Professional Career Development and Management, Professional and Management Development, High Performance, Leadership
  • Highly competent, with a high proven success rate helping, advising, coaching, supporting, guiding and training professionals (high level . entry level) and Companies to achieve professional and leadership goals.
  • Scientific methodological approach oriented to Objectives and Results
  • Expert analyst in talent management and measurement Core Competences (Competency Profiler)
  • More than 15 years of professional experience as a female entrepreneur in different sectors: law, real estate, investment projects, professional development, leadership development
  • Bilingual English-Spanish
  • Passion for high performance, leadership and excellence
  • Offers "tailor-made" Agile Programs and Solutions for Professional Career Development and Management, Professional and Management Development and Leadership Development for Professionals and Companies
  • Format Individual Sessions (121), Group, Face-to-face and Online.

Skills and Competencies

Qualified specialist in professional and management development, career development and management, and leadership with more than 15 years of experience international as a woman entrepreneur in different sectors. Being the greatest achievement of his career to have reached a level of measurable leadership competencies above 84%.  Provides training, advice, mentoring, support and training for the agile transformation of companies and professionals towards high performance and excellence.

Career Coaching & Mentoring
leadership development
Upskilling & Leadership Training


Why choose Lydia Cuervo

 – Has garnered a wealth of professional experience working across industries and working with people at all levels helping them advance their careers and develop their leadership
– She is a specialist in professional development, and managerial, development and strategic career management, in leadership, highly experienced and trained with an impressive professional background.
– The best investment you have made to achieve success is the money you have spent developing yourself through international continuing education, masters, books, certifications, workshops.
– Her extensive knowledge has been acquired through years of rich experience as a female entrepreneur, facing challenges, career changes and country changes, finding successful solutions.
– Its Coaching, Mentoring and Training Programs offer you agile and precise solutions with a 360º strategic vision of development needs and an objective and reliable development plan focused on your professional objectives, in a single program, facilitating the achievement of professional and business goals; that other professionals and companies cannot offer you.
– Has a 100% success and customer satisfaction rate
– Its professional CV writing services will ensure that your CV is in the ranking of the 4% best CVs in the market.
– Her greatest achievement with clients, which places her as the “best Career Coach”, is helping a client achieve their Target role in just 4 sessions.

Do you have questions about how Lydia can help you?

Send your Inquiry, Lydia Cuevo will be happy to help you by giving you tips and advice on how her powerful programs will help you stimulate your efforts, strengthen your strengths and make your professional and business goals come true.


910- 602-260

in the period from <p>07:00 to 23:00- 0,50 € / 1h<p> without restriction

Office Velazquez 15, Madrid, Spain



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