What is Leadership Development?

Leadership Development is a professional development methodology Agile y Accurate which focuses on providing you with the tools, techniques, knowledge and advice professional necessary for develop your leadership skills and competencies and be able to become a High Performance Leader.
Leadership Development programs vary greatly in style of training, with the Coaching and Mentoring the methodologies of development of leadership most used globally to advise, guide, support and develop present and future leaders (new generations).
Do you want to advance your professional career? have a Strategy development of your solid Leadership, focused on your strengths and your potential? Would you like an experienced professional to advise, share with you their  knowledge, tools, experience and advice about his transformation towards the High Performance Leadership?.

Leadership is a complex concept that brings together different Skills y Competences key professionals for the Leader to develop the influence capacity on key aspects of your employees, in order to help you achieve group and common goals, achieve better returns e inspire towards excellence.

Why should you develop your Leadership skills?

The following statistics give you a current and relevant insight into why leadership development is a crucial agenda for any type of organization/company:

  • 84% of organizations expect a shortage of leaders in the next five years.
  • Only the 18% of organizations say their leaders are “very effective” to meet business objectives
  • 83% say it is important to develop leaders at all levels. But only 5% have fully implemented leadership development at all levels.
  • 25% of organizations say they less than 10% of leadership positions have ready and willing successors.
  • Only the 19% of organizations say they are effective at developing leaders.

Take Control of your Results. The best investment you can make is in your Leadership.

For Who is Leadership Development?

Leadership Development is a methodology that focuses on helping professionals and leaders develop their key leadership skills effectively, boosting your professional development so they can achieve group goals of High Performance and Excellence with Agility. And it is specially designed for all those current and future professionals and leaders who face one or more of the following challenges:

  • They want achieve High Levels of Excellence in your management
  • They need to prepare for a Place of responsibility
  • They want improve results in the management of work teams and people
  • They want promote a promotion professional.
Lydia Cuervo Leadership Development Professionals and Organizations

Develop your Leadership Skills with Precision and Agility

My Leadership Development Programs for professionalsy Companies/Organizations they offer you a combination of development methodologies Focused on Result, Techniques, Tools de High Accuracy (85-95% reliability) y Professional advice to help you develop key leadership skills and attain new professional competencies with AGILITY y SUCCESS; facilitating a greater satisfaction in your results and a understanding of challenges on the side of the "People Management" of organizations.

My Leadership Development Programs will help you and your Company or Organization to achieve high levels of performance and excellence, eliminating the lack of motivation and commitment (“engagement”) in work teams, making it easier for you to:

    • Define and develop a Map Skills Development of leadership Personalized in attention to their own development needs and the needs of each professional (organizations).
    • Identify individually strengths y weaknesses de management style and how management style impacts team performance.
    • Achieve Objectivity, Reliability, Credibility in the realization of level of skill development to be performed, regardless of personal opinions or judgments.
    • Develop Leadership skills y Persons Management focused on improvements crucially important to the Position/Position
    • Develop the Ability to Motivate Personal and Work Teams
    • Manage through development Effective Communication Skill
    • Create, optimize and manage High Performance Teams 
    • Manage people with a 360º strategic vision productivity
    • Manage the conditions or “less measurable indices” that drive team performance
    • Increase the satisfaction and team engagement
    • Become a Leader Coach: Develop, empower and coach members of your team so that they can take responsibility for their development, their objectives and achieve goals.
    • Increase the Organizational agility
    • become a most effective leader High Performance.

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