Career Planning: reaching the next level in your professional career, becoming Chief Executive requires a focus on planning practical, structured and by competencies.

The term career planning (career plan) usually provokes one of the following types of reactions in people:

  1. Some people find the concept of career planning so abstract or boring that they don't understand what it means.
  2. And other people (the ambitious, the competitive, the driven) are often so presumably oriented toward their own career advancement that they fail to question whether their own approach is the most effective.

Both ways of thinking or reacting, although natural, have their own limitations.

Both ways of thinking or reacting They do NOT allow you to see the practical benefits of using career planning as a growth tool.

What is career planning, what advantages does it have? Why is it so important to have a robust planning (career plan)?

Business Coaching_Lydia CuervoCareer planning, a career plan, is a tool professional development which can take a variety of forms, but in essence, can be defined as a objective and strategic analysis of your own resourcesa management strategy efficiency of your professional future, de los resources you have and resources you will need to reach the next level in your career. A tool that will prepare you so that you can observe windows of opportunity professional and that you are ready to take them.

Career planning (career plan) is a tool that offers you a structured process of your career development, serving as a guide to ensure that you work in the right direction to achieve those professional goals, which you have not yet achieved; in alignment with the phase or professional moment in which you find yourself in your professional career.

Having a robust career planning (career plan) is the tool that marks professional success and the difference between having a job and be in control of your career professional, of you Professional future.

Having a job usually comes down to just that, having a job, a job that helps you support or fulfill a short-term goal, but is NOT connected to your long-term career goals.

Professional career plan: Plan for the development and management of your professional career

Having a career planning (career plan) as a professional development tool brings you great benefits, regardless of where you are today professionally.

A career plan, a development and management plan for your professional career, often has a 5-7 year structure that involves a series of objectives and achievements in accordance with your values ​​and goals.

Lydia Cuervo Labor AdviceCareer planning as a management and development tool for your professional career will help you take back control of your professional destiny, To be pro active, boost actions aware for reach your goals; and be able to make a measurement and monitoring of your results and achievements.

A tool that puts you control of your future, instead of sitting around doing nothing, adapting to a work situation that is no longer satisfactory to you and/or waiting for your company to offer you the advancement or promotion you so desire.

If your goal is to become an executive director, Chief Executive (C-Level), you need to prepare yourself professionally, you need to have a plan, a roadmap that shows you the path you must follow to achieve it!

Lydia Cuervo_ToolsSuccessfully achieving career goals is a complex phenomenon which depends on many internal, external, subjective and objective factors, since it only happens when the person is prepared to observe the window of opportunity that is presented to him, is prepared for the challenge and is prepared to advance in his career.

As any business or development project needs planning to be successfully implemented, it is this aspect, your career is no different.

Having a robust planning of your career, of your professional future, offers you a highly effective professional development tool, by providing you with a organized visual of your professional aspirations and the steps you will have to take to achieve them. A realistic measurement tool of your expectations as a tool for evaluation of new approaches and criteria along the way to reach your goals.

A career plan (career plan) will help you stipulate and visualize your long-term goals and shape your current decisions to help you move towards them. And, like all other plans, a framework subject to constant update and review (Over time, your personal circumstances will change, as will your preferences, your values, your beliefs, your tastes, your abilities, and your resources).

A key but often overlooked step in developing a career plan is having a vision of the type of roles you want to have in the future (Target Role).

Another key step in developing a career plan is to create a “step map” that you will need to map out to obtain any given professional role. For example, getting from where you are today to where you want to be may require experience in a different industry, a recommendation, international experience, volunteer/internship experience, an MBA etc.

When making a career planning (career plan), although it can take a variety of forms, it is essential that you consider the following steps:Lydia Cuervo Labor Coach, Professional Career Coach

–>1. Assessment Profiling.- A 360 on your professional profile, objective and precise measurement of the resources you have and identification, detection of your weaknesses. –
–>2. Defining what it means to you <strong>success</strong>.
–>3. Setting objectives Professionals
–>4. Establishment of a Action plan

Lydia Cuervo Labor Coach, Professional Career ManagementIf you want to boost your professional career, become an executive director, a C-Level manager, Chief Executive, you need tools precise, apply methodologies professional development opportunities that offer you the discovery of new windows of opportunity to help you prepare you through a Robust Career Plan and cash; and guide you to achieve your professional goals.

–> Do you want to boost your professional career and do not know how to do it?

Let me help you!

contact me > I will help you understand what aspects you need to work on to take your career to the next level!

Lydia Cuervo, Professional Career and Leadership Coaching, CEO and Founder of CAREER PRO**, a Program that has REVOLUTIONIZED CAREER ADVANCEMENT by helping high-performance professionals achieve HIGH LEVEL GOALS with Agility. With over 20 years of real-world cross-functional experience, Lydia has worked with professionals in Europe, the US and Russia. She has even made career changes and has also worked with startups and established companies, giving me a unique perspective on how to succeed in a variety of professional environments.

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