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Do you think that getting a better job in Spain, achieving your professional goals is conditioned by your age?

Another record in employment figures for people over 45 in Spain: more than 2,6 million contracts during the first semester of 2022, being a third, undefined!

Did you know that hiring among those over 45 was during the first six months of 2022, a 11,4% higher than the same period in 2021?

Despite concerns about the recession... the truth is that the intention of employers in Spain to hire talent remains solid until the end of 2022: the abandonment rates are maintained and the workers change jobs at almost record levels, finding ourselves before an unprecedented phenomenon, known in networks as lto "great resignation".

Lydia Cuervo Professional Career PlanningThe “great resignation”, a global phenomenon to which employers are reacting by expanding the strategies and tactics of search and retention of senior talent, in order to be able to meet the needs of the new market after the pandemic.

The figures speak for themselves, according to the study published by Randstad Human Resources about the current situation of the contracting in those over 45 years of age in Spain, a segment that accounts for half (49,1%) of the employed population of our country, the figures are extremely positive:

  1. The contracts of indefinite job for people over 45 se multiplied by three during the first semester
  2.  Our women over 45 increased their hiring by 18%, while those of men did so 6,6% more
  3. Two out of every three employment contracts signed by senior talent is in the service sector.
  4. La Region of Madrid y Catalonia lead the increases in this age segment +45 years

The search and retention of senior talent It is already a trend in the global labor market.

The turnover of employees worldwide has been the highest experienced by the labor market, being the figures and main causes of rotation in the second half of 2022 the following:

  1. 51% Managers: increase in salary and lack of opportunities to grow
  2. 35% staff lack of opportunities to grow
  3. 19% staff Lack of compromise

A process of change in the labor market accelerated by leaps and bounds due to the pandemic and which, according to data from the Randstad report, shows that in the last two years, Spanish companies are having difficulties to fill qualified jobs, not allowing the number of vacancies to grow, placing vacancies above 195 thousand vacancies in the second half of 2022. 

The same Randstad report shows how 56% of Spanish companies encounter Difficulties in filling new qualified jobs and not qualified. Varying this percentage according to the sector in question, being the sectors with the greatest difficulties in recruiting talent i'sengineering, health, education and marketing and communication, that are above 70%.

Graph of Talent Deficit in Spain by Sectors _ Randstad Report

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